Thursday, October 29, 2009

July 4th and those awful fireworks!

Today is July 4, 2008 and I'm a little leery about how Maggie is going to cope with the fireworks ... you see in California you can buy fireworks at the stands (all over) ... they aren't the kind that go up in the air, (illegal ones from back east), but they make lots of noises.

So, I called my vet and found out I can give Maggie a Benadryl to help calm her down ... I was a little leery, again, but I purchased a bottle at the grocery story and came home ... the vet said with her weight she could probably have two, but once again I decided to become a vet and I think I only gave her a half of one, (after all, I know what it does to me.)

We're outside on the patio and I'm sitting on the chair with Maggie next to me on the leash ... it's just now getting to be dusk and yep, all of a sudden you can start to hear the neighbors start lighting their fireworks ... Maggie got so scared she took a beeline for the dogie door, my hand was wrapped around her leash so when she ran, I fell over... I get up off the cement, and go in the house and I can't find her ... of all places to look, she's in her crate all curled up, not coming out ... I'm thinking, "she hasn't been in that stupid crate since she was sick." Of all places to hide, I guess she felt safe there ... we closed all the doors and put the TV on loud to drown out the noise ... she seems to have settled down.

Two lessons I learned today ... I think I waited too long to give her the Benadryl and I probably didn't give her a big enough dose ... all in all, we survived 4th of July ... but I do have some big bruises on my arm where I fell off the chair when she got scared ... looks like I got beat up !!!

Once again, "Thanks Mags, hopefully next year will be better!"

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