Sunday, September 27, 2009

The AM Washes

Having Maggie home feels really great although I must admit, it's a lot of work. Maggie basically doesn't have much bladder control, now don't get me wrong, she knows to go outside if she's up, but when she is laying down it just leaks out ... I truly believe she doesn't even know it ... I sat there one night and just watched as she slept and her bladder leaked ... It is so very sad ...

I have blankets all over the house for her to lay on because I am not going to keep her in a crate all day. If anyone bought stock at Walgreen's I bet they made money because I have spent a lot of money on 24 x 36" pads that I put down under her blankets.

If Maggie gets up too fast, she will just "squirt" all over ... I feel so bad for her and I do pray that God will heal her ... every morning when we get up, I open up her crate (because there is no way she can sleep on my bed), let her out, feed her, (she's on a high calorie diet), dispense meds, wash her fur in the back so she smells nice and start the washing machine ... I usually have a full load each morning of blankets to wash and I actually called my landlord and told him if the water bill is too high I would gladly pay for the excess ... (geesh, only I would think of that) ...

So this is our little ritual, one I don't like but one I will have to contend with ... after all, I love this dog of mine.

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