Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dr. B, The Russian

Dr. R, who performed Maggie's hip surgery, was on his days off so I was to meet with another Dr. to evaluate Maggie. I took Maggie into his office and was questioned by an intern resident who was working with this new Dr. I was going to meet.

In comes this new vet, Dr. B, with a Russian accent that one could barely understand. He was very tall and almost intimidating, but yet very gentle and concerned regarding Maggie's condition. He asked a lot of questions and said that he thought it may be just an infection of some sort. He suggested that I leave Maggie there to have some tests and cultures taken to find out what was going on with Maggie's bladder. I decided to leave Maggie, once again, to take whatever actions we need to do. He would give me a call tomorrow, once he gets the results of her tests.

In my mind I was thinking that just some more antibiotics would probably do the trick ... little did I know ...

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