Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dr. R. and the Offer of Adoption ...

Maggie is still down south and even though I receive phone calls daily from her Drs., both Dr. B. and Dr. R, whomever happens to be on rotation, it still doesn't sound very promising. Mags has been in ICU/CCU for five days and right now they have not told me when she may (if ever) come home. The Drs. keep giving her the "cocktail" of antibiotics to fight off this terrible infection. They put her in the hyperbaric oxygen tank for an hour daily, and hopefully along with me, they pray for a miracle.

It's a Saturday morning and Dr. R. calls me to give me the feedback on Maggie. It's the usual, she's on meds, hyperbaric oxygen tank daily, supportive care, etc ... then he kindly stated that he would be willing to "adopt" Maggie. He lives in British Columbia (Canada for those of you that don't know your geography,) and he offers her a good life there. She would be an outdoors dog and play with his other dogs.

I was a little taken aback with his offer, but yet in my heart I felt that maybe he thought I was "giving" up on Maggie. I know the bill down there has to be astronomical and I haven't even gave it a thought ... all I know is that he wasn't ready to give up on Maggie and I wasn't quite ready yet either.

He is truly a great Dr. who invests his time and care for these animals ... I'm her Mom and I'm not going down without a fight.

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