Sunday, September 13, 2009

Only time will tell ...

It's February 9, 2008 and after being in the hospital for 15 days, I finally get the okay to bring Maggie home.

After much discussion, I was basically told that Maggie would almost certainly never live a normal life. She would not have much, if any, bladder control and she would most likely have to live outside for the remainder of her life. With this said, Dr. B. also stated that dogs have an amazing recuperative power. Nature (God) has granted them an amazing ability to regenerate themselves and their various organs and tissues. He stated that he had seen many, many dogs with horrible injuries and diseases recover themselves ... it may take six months to a year to know what Maggie's life would be like ... only time can tell ...

With all that said, I gulped on her bill, and took Maggie home. She's a little bit thin, (okay a lot) and her hair looks like she been through a lawnmower with all the different shaves on her from her surgeries. Tonight I made my second promise to Maggie ... "I will never put you through this again. I will not be selfish with myself. I only want what is best for you".

With that said, we finally get some much needed rest. My prayers are that I am so thankful that Maggie is home and "Dear Lord please give me the strength for the days to come."

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  1. And with the Lord's help . . . time did tell the story!