Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Go Maggie, Go!"

Maggie is pushing about 35 lbs and she only 3 months old. I'm still sleeping on the living room floor next to her crate but she seems to be getting better as far as the "potty training". Now she goes by the door, doesn't bark or whine just goes by the door ... so, you better be paying attention when she wants to go out.

She's also got this new thing now ... when you walk her on the leash, she always carries part of the leash in her mouth (I think that is her way of walking you, instead of me walking her). She runs while we're out for our walks, with the leash in her mouth and I would just shout "Go Maggie, Go" ... I thought she was so cute! Lesson one to anyone out there reading this ... it's cute when they are a puppy running ahead with the leash in their mouth but when they get BIGGER, it's not so cute when they are pulling your arm off ... I had to learn the hard way :-(

This picture is probably one of the last taken where I could pick her up. She needs to grow into those ears, but I still "Love My Maggie Mo" ...


  1. Maggie pulls and pulls.

  2. Christy's chasing her hound
    All over Bake Town.
    Maggie runs with the leash
    Like a sweet furry beast.
    Now it appears
    Maggs grew into those big floppy ears.