Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Okay, Now I Feel Bad

Maggie is getting bigger and bigger. She's outgrown her crate, so I purchased a new one ... this one is HUGE but I'm thinking of the future you know (this new crate is probably double Maggie's size). The crate is in the living room of this 800 square foot apartment (doesn't really fit in the bedroom), so more nights on the floor (but I really don't care).

It's a Saturday morning and my grandsons came over to pay a visit (I'm thinking Gage is 6 and Aussie is 11). Maggie is just jumping all over them ... it's really a 'mad house'. Gage, the youngest, has the cartoons on but Maggie is not leaving him alone, jumping on him, licking his face, biting him with those sharp puppy teeth,(you get the picture). I went outside for a minute and came back in only to find Gage sitting in the crate with the door shut watching his cartoons while Maggie has the run of the place (something is wrong here). I know he's just trying to get some 'solitude' to watch his favorite shows and get away from this 'incorrigible dog' of mine ... Needless to say, I felt bad when I walked in and saw this :-(


  1. This story is hilarious. I can picture cutie pie Gage behind bars watching his Toons. I hope you took a picture. This blog is really turning out to be a highlight of my day. I'm excited to hear more. Love ya

  2. Poor little Gage
    Had to sit in a cage.
    That Maggie's a Pest
    But smart Gage knows best.

  3. Gage is great man. He will go to any length to enjoy his favorite cartoon. Even if it means he has to take refuge in his grandmother's puppy crate!