Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Those Dreaded Words

Things are going pretty well. I'm a little tired with getting up early in the a.m. and taking Maggie for her walk, off to "school" and work and then rushing back home to walk Maggie ... it's pretty crazy. I'm still trying to "hide" her age where I live (remember, I can't have a dog under one year old at the apartment). When I walk Maggie people would stop and comment how cute Maggie is ... and then those dreaded words would come out of their mouths, "how old is she"? I would just look at them and say, "Oh, she's about a year old" ... yeah, yeah, who was I trying to kid. I look back now at the pictures of her and I know those tenants knew better ... but I also knew she was too cute for anyone to "give her up".

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