Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Your Dogs Needs ...

So it's a Saturday and I decide to take Maggie to Petco, you know, "where the pets go". We're walking around in there exploring ... alright, so she's pulling me everywhere her little nose can get a sniff. I have absolutely no control of her at this time (what else is knew). All of a sudden this lady, named Maxine (who works there), looks at me and says in a very stern voice "your dog needs obedience class" ... Now whether or not this is true (which I know it is), it kinda hurt. It's like telling someone that your child needs to be disciplined (which no one really wants to admit).

I signed Maggie up, it's a mere $60 for six weeks or eight weeks (I can't remember), or $99 for lifetime classes ... "I'll take the lifetime classes please" ...

On another note ... Terry, if you happen to read this today, "Happy Birthday" ... thank you for all you do for our family ... I know your the doctor in the family and we sometimes tend to lean on you a lot ... just know how much you are loved and how much we appreciate all you do for Momma, Daddy and all of us ... I love you (more), Christy

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  1. How rude....I gotta tell ya... Luna is looking better and better. So how are those lifetime classes coming along? Luna started her second round last Monday. She's the worst in the class still. All the other dogs are sitting quietly...not Luna, she's pacing, barking, or should I say howling, and jumping up to look out at all the shoppers. It's going to be a long 8 weeks.