Sunday, August 9, 2009

Randy to the Rescue!

Daddy and Kathy left to go back home. Apparently Daddy's baby (Shuma) wasn't eating while he was gone so he had to leave early. I'm all alone now with Maggie ... oh, I forgot to tell you that "puppies" aren't allowed to live in this apartment complex ... so I have to "hide" her while I was there ... no worries, I mean, how hard could it be to hide a small fluffy fur ball?

Okay, so what am I gonna do ... tomorrow I have to go to work ... what am I gonna do with Maggie? I heard of doggie day care but I never gave it a thought that they wouldn't take her until she had all of her shots ... oh my gosh, we're talking months from now. So I go to Petco (where the pets go) and see what I can find ... maybe a baby gate to keep her in the kitchen while I'm at work (goodbye cabinets) ... I asked the workers at Petco if they know of any dog sitters, nope ... I found this playpen that you can put up in your house ... I buy it, it's too big for my kitchen, so back it goes ... it wouldn't work anyway ... she would be whining all day long while I was gone (so much for my stealth puppy). I'm in tears by now ... I can't believe I didn't think of all these things prior to saying yes to Kathy. I don't know what I'm gonna do ... and then there is Randy ... he offers, not by choice I'm sure, to watch Maggie while I'm at work. So this is the beginning of pre-school for Maggie Mo... thank you Randy, what a God send you were ...

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