Friday, August 28, 2009

McDonalds, Gage and the Screendoor

My son called me today and asked if I would watch the kids while they went out for dinner. No problem, they would stop by McDonald's to pick up some food (because they know Grandma doesn't have anything good in the house), and then come by. I put Maggie outside because she is still a puppy (pushing 50 lbs) and I know she would jump on the kids. "Outside Mags", and I close the screen door.

The kids come in with their bags filled with the aroma of hamburgers and french fries. I started to set them up at the dining room table so they can chow down, but Gage is very apprehensive of Maggie. I assured him that Maggie, as he can see, is outside and won't be bothering him. Now mind you, there is a small tear at the bottom of the screen door and just as soon as they were about to eat, Maggie poked her nose through that tear and then literally ripped her way through to come inside! Oh my gosh, the look on Gage's face was priceless! His eyes got so big! It wasn't funny at that time as I could see "terror" in Gage's eyes, and as much as he likes McDonald's, he was about to heave all of his food over to Maggie. Needless to say, we put her back outside (coaxing with a fry or two) and then closed the glass door. Gage and Aussie got to eat and now I have a screen door to contend with.

Thank you Maggie for ruining my screen door!

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