Sunday, August 9, 2009

Santa Barbara and the Obama Girls

Things are going pretty well. We have a schedule ... up at 5:30 a.m. to go for our walk, Mom gets ready for work while Maggie sits on my bed and watches ... then it's off to school and work. It's a hectic schedule but I am enjoying my little Maggie Mo.

My sisters, Terry & Michelle call and ask if I want to meet them in Santa Barbara for the weekend. It's a "dog friendly" hotel and they were going to bring Mr. Bittles, the one and only. I decide Mags and I are going on our first road trip. I put Mags in her crate (which she is barely fitting in now) and we take off for the coast ... the hotel is beautiful and the weather, of course, is to die for. I catch up with the girls on the grounds and Michelle says "that's not a puppy, that looks like a horse" ... now Mags is only three months at this time but yes she is towering over Mr. Bittles. We had a large time, hiking, taking the dogs to a dog friendly beach (which I was so scared she was going to go into the ocean and never be seen), eating out and just enjoying the weather ... a lot of people would stop us and pet Maggie and comment about her beautiful blonde hair (Mr. Bittles was having to take a back seat to all of this) ... I was so proud of this dog of mine and inside I was beaming to be her owner.

Mr. Bittles didn't take a liking to Mags (I think he had short mans syndrome) ... anyway, Mr. Bittles growled and barked at Maggie in the hotel room ... not allowing Maggie to play with "his" toys or "his" food, etc... Finally, Maggie put her "paw" down and things got a little bit better.

So it's early morning and I decide to take Maggie for a walk. I met up with a young lady that I had met the day earlier who took a liking to Maggie. She was very gracious and asked if I had a moment to spare to meet some people ... "Sure", I said. So I followed her to another hotel room and she comes out followed by two little girls. These girls are hugging and petting my Maggie Mo and I know deep in my heart they want a dog ... I then find out that these are the Obama girls and that their Dad said they could have a dog after the election (he was running for President at that time) ... win or lose, they would get a dog. Maggie and the girls bonded a little and then we said our good bye's ... (I'm thinking in my head "I hope he says something in his inauguration speech about Maggie"), good grief Christy, get a life ...

Back to the hotel room, "Guess what Terry and Michelle, I met the Obama girls" ... yeah, yeah ... what's for breakfast?


  1. That is a fantastic story. Be sure to send President Obama a Christmas card with Maggies picture on it. Yeah, if it weren't for the shedding they probably would have picked a dog like Maggie. Gage has got to share that story at school in his journal entry.

  2. So I want to know who the gracious young lady was...